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 A Message from Chuck

Dear friends, families and supporters,

It’s interesting to look back on 2019 from this very different vantage point. Every Summer I try to stress to our Club and Camp Counselors the importance of their work.  “For many of our kids, the experience you give this summer IS their summer. Their childhood is now.” So, we look back fondly on 2019. We remember the chaos and laughter. We remember bugs and dirt, hugs and sunburns. We look back on 2019 with programs filled to overflowing. Our kids were the only thing growing faster than the stock market.

I have to applaud our staff who have built relationships strong enough to withstand “social distancing.” Club Announcements continue daily at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. via Zoom. Important programming like LifeSkills, Project Alert, and our support of Counseling Counts continues virtually. Bigs meet their Littles on-screen. In a world that changes daily for adults, kids can feel it has come to a grinding halt. A friendly face and reminder of caring matters more than ever.

I need to tell you that our incredible staff brought me countless ideas about how to serve kids.  They brought very few questions about their own paycheck.

Here on this date in late April, our memories of 2019 are more than nostalgia. Our thoughts and plans are now turning to what will be again. Summer will likely be less messy than most as we build an increasingly safe environment for our kids and prepare to support greater numbers of families as they return to work.

This physical distancing can, at times, bring us closer together. As we look back on a great year, we can move forward with confidence, remembering our strengths and the support of our community. At the end of the day, none of this could have been possible, without that support. Thank you for caring about kids.

Chuck Kime

Executive Director

 A Message from Brad Manns

A Message from the Board President:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Foundation for Youth, I would like to thank our community stakeholders that support and utilize FFY and all we have to offer. 2019 was a very successful year; 2020 will be a challenge that I know we will meet with your support. None of our work would be possible without the dedication and excellent performance of the FFY staff under the leadership of Chuck Kime and his exceptional team.

I also want to thank my peers on the Board for their support as we continue to prepare for a bright and successful future, supporting the youth of our community. 

In addition to thanking our Officers, I want acknowledge two existing Board members, who have agreed to another term of service:

                Angela Force

                Rebecca Kirsch

We have also worked to grow our Board, to better reflect our community, and to support our mission. Please join me in welcoming:

                Brandon Richard

                Sheena Seger

                Kevin Young-Bey

                Premlata Poonia

                Leo Portaluppi

These newest members join us at a time when our commitment to Healthy Lifestyles takes on new meaning. We know that Physical Health will looks different as we move forward. Emotional support of our children takes on new meaning during challenging times. I also know that Foundation for Youth will rise to the challenges and needs, as we have for generations.

Thank you to everyone, and please join me in congratulating all of our award recipients.

Brad Manns

Board President

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